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A Brother’s Experience with Suicide and Parental Death with James Robinson

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28th March 2024

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About this episode

Welcome to another episode of 'Don't Be Caught Dead'! This week, we delve into an incredibly raw and honest conversation with James Robinson. James courageously shares his personal experiences with loss, grief, and the impact of suicide on his family.

In this episode, James opens up about the tragic loss of his older brother, Michael, to suicide when they were just teenagers. This loss, which he describes as a 'huge shock', marked the start of a series of bereavements that profoundly affected James and his family. His recounting of these experiences paints a vivid, heartbreaking picture of the struggle that families face when dealing with the unexpected loss of a loved one.

Over the course of our conversation, James also reflects on his parents' passing and the significant toll these losses have taken on him. His story is a poignant reminder of the importance of support and understanding in navigating the journey of grief and loss. The strength and honesty with which James shares his story offer valuable insights and a sense of connection for those grappling with similar experiences.

Remember; You may not be ready to die, but at least you can be prepared.

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Show notes

Guest Bio
Podcast Guest - Image
James Robinson

James with his brother Michael

An early photo of the Robinson family

James's parents Ken and Helen

James brother Michael with their father Ken

James with his wife Kirsten and their two boys, Phoenix and Jett


In this episode, we:

  • Discuss James's early loss of his brother to suicide and the devastating impact it had on his family
  • Explore the coping mechanisms James and his parents adopted in the wake of their loss
  • Reflect on James's subsequent experiences of bereavement with the passing of his parents
  • Delve into the importance of support networks and the role they play in the grieving process

Stay tuned to hear James's powerful story and the lessons he's learned along his journey of grief and healing. As always, we hope this episode provides comfort, understanding, and a sense of connection to those who need it.


00:00:00,060 --> 00:00:03,170
James Robinson: I got to a point
where I, cause I'd been there for

00:00:03,170 --> 00:00:08,920
probably so long, I'd said to dad,
look, if you want to go, you can go.

00:00:08,920 --> 00:00:14,620
He was at peace at that point in time in
terms of that, giving him the medication

00:00:14,620 --> 00:00:16,719
and, and painkillers and stuff like that.

00:00:16,719 --> 00:00:19,930
So he was in a, in a comfortable position.

00:00:21,084 --> 00:00:23,025
Whether or not he could hear
me                        ... Read More


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