WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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About us

Our mission

To take the stress and uncertainty out of estate management and end-of-life ceremonies by allowing people to securely take control of their estate, be actively involved in their own memorial and decide the future of their legacy.

Values and qualities

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Our commitment


United Nations - Sustainable Development Goals

Critical Info aligns its business practices to strive towards the following United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs Sustainable Development




  • Education
  • No poverty (funeral)
  • Good health and wellbeing (focus on improving grief outcomes)
  • Gender equality (access for all and inclusive language use)
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Sustainable communities
  • Responsible consumption


Charity support

We encourage the financial support of charities and not-for-profit organisations that alleviate funeral poverty, support the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their connection to homelands and country as well as the importance of LGBTQIA+ and kink-friendly organisations in our deathcare community.


Research funding

We are funding research with Melbourne University DeathTech Research team to gain specific data about funeral poverty and the economic cost of death administration in the Australian community.

Social enterprise

Critical Info is in conversation with Social Traders about accreditation as a social enterprise.

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“..Both brought me face-to-face with the crucial importance of end-of-life planning, and made me determined to establish a secure platform that would empower people with the knowledge and tools they need for informed decisions and comprehensive preparation..”

Founder story

Catherine Ashton

Two personal experiences spurred the creation of Critical Info – my involvement in a serious car accident in 2019, and the unexpected death of a dear friend in 2023. Both brought me face-to-face with the crucial importance of end-of-life planning, and made me determined to establish a secure platform that would empower people with the knowledge and tools they need for informed decisions and comprehensive preparation.

Throughout its development, Critical Info has been supported by several organisations with specialist resources; this support will continue as the platform evolves. In summary, its content spans the legal frameworks applicable to all deaths in Australia as well as the intricacies of dealing with medical institutions and the funeral industry. It also covers much of what’s currently available to help people prepare for and cope with the legal, administrative, psychological – and where relevant, spiritual – aspects of death.

Many of the skills honed in my previous professional roles (in event management, caretaking for a National Trust property, and business management for my husband’s company) have proven consistently valuable as Critical Info has taken shape. They include a natural diligence and curiosity, broad professional and personal communication skills, research, administration and organisational skills, and substantial business expertise.

Critical Info is also built on my core values: openness, honesty, empathy, safety, availability, affordability, flexibility and sustainability. Establishing a social enterprise aligns comfortably with those values, and with my conscience in turn.

What we do



Currently under development, the Critical Info cloud-based web application will allow you to document your life, your wishes and your legacy to share with your loved ones.



Listen to the stories told by people who have experienced the death of a loved one. Learn from the knowledge of experts in the deathcare industry. With this guiding intention, Don’t Be Caught Dead will launch on Thursday 22 February.


Resources Hub

All of the Critical Info in one place, so you can learn about your end-of-life choices, connect with supporting organisations and be guided through the steps after a loved one dies.

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