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Navigating the End: A Funeral Director’s Perspective

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14th March 2024

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About this episode

Have you ever pondered over what it's like to confront death each day? Today we offer a captivating chat with Bradley Lett, who was raised in a family that ran a funeral business, a tradition he's upheld for two decades. It's a voyage through the complexities of life, death, and all that lies in between. So, let's delve into the show!

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Show notes

Guest Bio
Podcast Guest - Image
Bradley Lett

Funeral Director

Bradley Lett is a Funeral Director in the regional city of Sale, Victoria.

He and his wife Rachel run Barry and Annette Lett Funeral Directors a locally owned and operated family business that was established by his parents in 1995

Bradley is a father to two children and cheers from the sidelines at many of their cricket, basketball and netball games.

They are members of the Australian Funeral Directors Association and this is Bradley's story about inheriting a family run funeral home.


Episode Summary:

The Privilege of Funeral Directing: Bradley Lett, a veteran Funeral Director, imparts his profound experiences and the honour he carries in assisting families during their toughest times. Bradley candidly discusses the challenges and rewards of working closely with his Sale community, emphasising the emotional aspects of serving families he personally knows.


Key Insights:

  • The role of a funeral director extends beyond organising a service; it hinges on compassion, understanding, and reverence for each unique journey.
  • The significance of open discussions about death and preparations, irrespective of how uneasy it may seem.
  • The influence of COVID-19 on funeral services and the emotional strain it exerted on families and funeral directors alike.
  • Bradley's personal ruminations on death and legacy provide an uncommon, introspective view into the psyche of someone who grapples with death daily.


00:00:00,110 --> 00:00:09,530
Even now, after 20 plus years for me, I
still find it a real honour and privilege

00:00:09,790 --> 00:00:19,970
that people choose us to look after their
loved one and ensure that the funeral

00:00:19,970 --> 00:00:22,709
or the send off is what they would want.

00:00:23,060 --> 00:00:27,599
So it is still now a real
honour and privilege to look

00:00:27,600 --> 00:00:28,870
after every funeral we do.

00:00:32,119 --> 00:00:36,810
Welcome to Don't Be Caught Dead, a
podcast encouragi                        ... Read More


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