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Embracing Life to the Fullest End with Camilla Rowland, CEO Palliative Care Australia

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23rd May 2024

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About this episode

Today, during National Palliative Care Week, we're joined by Camilla Rowland, CEO of Palliative Care Australia, who brings decades of experience in transforming palliative care practices and perceptions.

In today's discussion, we delve deep into the holistic approach of palliative care—how it integrates into our healthcare system and what it means for individuals facing life-limiting conditions. Camilla sheds light on how embracing the realities of death can enhance the quality of life and why early conversations about end-of-life care are crucial.

Join us as we continue to bring the shadows of death into the light, encouraging everyone to talk openly about the end of life. 

Remember; You may not be ready to die, but at least you can be prepared.

Take care,



Show notes

Guest Bio
Podcast Guest - Image
Chief Executive Officer

Palliative Care Australia

Camilla Rowland is Chief Executive Officer of Palliative Care Australia. For over 30 years she has worked in the Australian health and community service delivery and advocacy sectors in CEO, executive, clinical, and educational roles. Camilla has worked with agencies in national, state, rural and metropolitan areas. She is passionate about quality of life issues and building community and sector capacity through a collaborative approach with partner organisations and governments.

In 2023 Camilla was appointed as Adjunct Fellow at University of New South Wales. Her background fields are in palliative care, aged care, disability services, drug and alcohol, child youth and family services, mental health. She also has significant experience in industry workforce development and have managed Registered Training Organisations.

Camilla has been engaged on community sector and health sector Board and Committee roles in rural regional, state and national organisations. This work has been with advocacy and sector capacity building organisations such as Playgroup Australia, Alzheimers Australia (ACT), the National Complex Needs Alliance, ACT Council of Social Services, Families ACT. Her Board experience is supported by her qualifications as a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Camilla completed the Executive Masters of Business Administration in 2019 and was nominated for a Deans Award. Her other qualifications are in social work, adult education, human resources and executive leadership.


Key Takeaways from This Episode:

  • Understanding Palliative Care: Camilla provides insights into the essence of palliative care, which is not merely about managing the end of life but about enhancing the quality of the remaining life through comprehensive care that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


  • Breaking Taboos Around Death: We discuss the importance of normalising conversations about death, especially in a post-COVID world where awareness of mortality has heightened. It's about shifting perspectives from fear to acknowledgment and preparedness.


  • The Importance of Advanced Care Planning: Learn why it’s critical to plan for the end of life, much like we plan for other major events. This planning includes understanding the trajectory of terminal illnesses, the potential impact of treatments, and ensuring that wishes regarding end-of-life care are respected.


00:00:03,260 --> 00:00:07,589
Camilla: Matters of life and death
is really a phrase which captures

00:00:07,960 --> 00:00:11,819
where we're at in our society about
thinking of not just about matters

00:00:11,819 --> 00:00:13,309
of life, but matters of death.

00:00:13,750 --> 00:00:18,029
So if we, if we think about death as
being one of the last taboo topics,

00:00:18,039 --> 00:00:19,289
we want to break through that.

00:00:1 ... Read More


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