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The Last Dance: Death During COVID Lockdowns with Susan Bollard

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21st March 2024

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About this episode

Have you ever pondered the experience of facing the end of a loved one's life? In this episode, we share a touching story from Susan Bollard, who grappled with the loss of her husband during the height of the Covid lockdown.

Susan, the owner of Showbiz Dance Studio, shares her profound journey through the loss of her husband, Phil. It's a story filled with love, loss, and unexpected lessons learnt along the way. Let's dive into the salient points of this extraordinary conversation.

Remember, whilst death might be a disconcerting topic, it is a part of life we all must confront. Susan's story stands as a testament to the inner strength and resilience we can unearth within ourselves. Tune in and let's navigate this journey collectively.

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Remember; You may not be ready to die, but at least you can be prepared.

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Show notes

Guest Bio
Podcast Guest - Image
Susan Bollard

Susan Bollard believes everyone deserves a chance to learn to dance.
Susan purchased Showbiz Dance Studio in 1990. It is Frankston's longest running and most successful dance studio. Susan and her team of instructors are passionate about teaching dance. Whether its Salsa or Waltz, Rock & Roll or Cha Cha, her studio is a place for the local community to learn social dance even if it’s at a slower pace for her All-abilities classes.
However, when Susan’s landscape designer husband, Phil died she found out that she had to learn many things herself. This is Susan’s story.


Key Learnings:

  • Susan's life before and after Phil's passing: An exploration of her dance studio and how it transformed into a sanctuary after her loss.
  • The reality of managing a terminal illness: Susan reveals the emotional rollercoaster and difficult decisions faced during Phil's battle with pancreatic cancer.
  • Navigating life after loss: Susan discusses the challenges of adjusting to life without Phil, from managing his affairs to carving out her own path forward.
  • The power of dance: Discover how Susan utilised dance as a therapeutic outlet to rediscover herself and establish a supportive community.
  • Preparing for the inevitable: Insights into the importance of wills, funeral planning, and engaging in difficult conversations.


00:00:00,010 --> 00:00:03,300
Susan Bollard: I was holding his hand, I realised that he was fading away.
00:00:03,360 --> 00:00:07,390
I saw a small mustard cloud
emanate from his chest.
00:00:07,440 --> 00:00:10,030
I thought through and I thought, he's not breathing that out.
00:00:10,530 --> 00:00:12,650
It's not coming out
from any other orifice.
00:00:13,125 --> 00:00:17,045
I believe that was his soul leaving his body in the maybe five minutes
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