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The Charity Helping Grieving Kids Feel The Magic Again

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6th June 2024

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About this episode

Join us as we dive deep with Kristy and James Thomas, the compassionate founders of 'Feel the Magic,' an organisation dedicated to helping grieving children across Australia. Their journey began from personal losses and has blossomed into a nationwide initiative that offers solace and healing through unique camps and programs.

Here's what we covered:

The Birth of Feel the Magic: Hear how a personal tragedy led to the creation of a beacon of hope for grieving children.

The Magic of Grief Camps: Explore the transformative experiences these camps offer, combining emotional support with empowering activities.

Grieving as a Community: Learn about the community's role in supporting bereaved children and the innovative ways 'Feel the Magic' brings people together.

Remember; You may not be ready to die, but at least you can be prepared.

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Show notes

Guest Bio
Podcast Guest - Image
James and Kristy Thomas

Founders - Feel The Magic

James and Kristy Thomas founded Feel the Magic in 2013, driven by their personal experiences with grief and a mission to make sure no Australian child goes through grief alone.

Both James and Kristy know first-hand how hard it is to heal after a loved one dies- James having experienced the death of both his father and mother, and Kristy the death of her brother.

Working with mental health experts to develop the evidence-based camps, strategies and resources that Feel the Magic delivers, James and Kristy are dedicated to helping grieving kids heal – no matter where they live in Australia, from the city to the most isolated rural towns.


Key Points from Our Conversation:

  • Understanding Grief: Kristy and James share insights into how grief can become a catalyst for growth and community building.
  • The Role of Camps: Details on how their camps provide a safe space for children to express their grief and learn coping mechanisms.
  • Expanding Support: The introduction of virtual programs to reach grieving children in remote areas, ensuring no child grieves alone.


00:00:00,660 --> 00:00:06,670
Kristy: Working with so many families and
the families that I see that really thrive

00:00:06,800 --> 00:00:12,699
beyond grief is the families where the
parent is addressing their grief because

00:00:12,920 --> 00:00:18,350
no matter what else happens at least the
child's being modeled healthy grieving.

00:00:18,529 --> 00:00:23,870
Also the children have that have all of
the information do better in their grief.

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