WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander viewers are warned that the following website may contain images and voices of deceased persons.

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Navigating Life After Loss: A Daughter’s Tale with Libby Neesham

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29th February 2024

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About this episode

Episode 2

In this episode, I'm bringing you a conversation that's both emotional and enlightening.

I had the pleasure of reuniting with an old high school friend Libby Neesham, who shared her incredibly personal experiences with the death of her parents, her unique approach to motherhood, and her valuable insights on dealing with grief as someone with neurodiversity.

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Show notes

Guest Bio
Podcast Guest - Image
Libby Neesham

Libby Neesham describes herself as an artist, an educator and a committed ally walking alongside Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
The things that are central to her identity are; being a woman, a mother, a partner, a daughter, a sister and a good human being.
Her family is key when it comes to her identity and sense of self.
And she describes herself as ‘kooky’ and not neurotypical at all.


In this episode:

  • Libby opens up about the different ways she grieved the death of each of her parents and the lessons she learned along the way.
  • She reflects on her journey into motherhood and how it has shaped her understanding of life and death.
  • We delve into the importance of having open conversations about end-of-life matters and the impact it has on our lives.
  • Libby's story is a powerful reminder of the complexities of grief and the strength we find in the most challenging times. Her insights are not just about coping with loss but also about growing from it, embracing life, and cherishing the memories of those we've lost.


00:00:00,050 --> 00:00:03,960
Libby Neesham: My brain wanted to
explode because I was raised in a
00:00:03,960 --> 00:00:08,029
conservative family, but somehow
my heart and soul was a feminist.
00:00:08,450 --> 00:00:14,469
And my mum came from this really super
conservative upbringing and she was
00:00:14,469 --> 00:00:20,700
writing a will and she, she made this
decision that everything in the family,
00:00:21,030 --> 00:00:25,360
any fina ... Read More


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