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Sustainable Funerals Group

19th February 2024

The Sustainable Funerals Group is a collective of ethical, sustainable funeral service providers including Bereavement Assistance and Potters Field Funerals. 


Bereavement Assistance is a registered charity whose purpose is to ensure that all Victorians have access to professional, dignified funeral services no matter their circumstance.


Potters Field Funerals provides a more extensive range of services for people who want a meaningful end-of-life experience at a fair price. As a social enterprise, Potters Field Funerals donates to support the work of it’s charitable cousin, Bereavement Assistance. Families who chose a Potters Field Funeral benefit from a premium service with the satisfaction of knowing that their choice of ethical funeral provider helps others in need. 


Members of the Sustainable Funerals Group share a common commitment to provide goods and services that are socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. We are constantly seeking and developing products and processes that lighten the load on the environment, and the carbon footprint of every Sustainable Funerals Group funeral is offset through investment in Federal Government approved Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU's). 


In the near future, innovative new services including restoration natural burials and carbon positive cremations will take this commitment further. We will be providing families with a greater range of choices and moving beyond simply offsetting carbon to make active positive contributions to environmental restoration. Watch this space!


Bereavement Assistance


Potters Field Funerals


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