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December update

18th March 2024


Welcome to the first monthly update from Critical Info, which comes with sincere thanks for your continued support.

This seems an opportune moment to provide you with a few insights into our progress, and an indication of where we’re headed in the coming year.

First, I’ve been working with the Victorian marketing agency Oraco to complete Critical Info’s branding, which you can see in this update and on social platforms – we’ve now set up accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok. Please follow us, and share with your networks.



Our posts to date include images and notes from my recent visits to many places of interest overseas, including two natural burial sites in the UK – Dalton Woodland Burial Ground in Cumbria; and Ibworth Woodlands Burial Grounds, part of a revegetation project on an organic farm in the West Essex Downs.



Further, the University of Melbourne’s DeathTech research team is currently drafting a proposal for future research projects to be funded by Critical Info on an ongoing basis. And a focus group with Otto Tatton from Hyper HQ was undertaken in early December, to validate the web app prototype the company has developed for us. This is currently being followed by a two-day workshop with ISO9001-accredited developer Vokke, to map the app’s ongoing development and establish costings for the build. In tandem, we’re continuing to speak with prospective partners and relevant charities.


I’m also pleased to send details of an emerging project, which you may know about already. I’ve begun to record interviews for a podcast, to be titled Don’t Be Caught Dead. Although it’s a widespread assumption that no one likes to speak about death, almost everyone to whom I’ve mentioned Critical Info over the past six months has told me about the death of a loved one and described the impact of their experience.

It seems obvious that other people should hear these stories, and have regular access to the knowledge of experts in the deathcare industry. With this as a guiding intention, Don’t Be Caught Dead will launch on Thursday 22 February 2024. If you’d like to feature on the podcast or to recommend someone else as an interviewee, you’re very welcome to call or to send me an email.

Listen to a preview of the episode here

Finally, as we approach the holiday season, I believe it’s essential to acknowledge that this period may not feel festive for some. Many of us will be acutely aware of the loss of loved ones, will find cheer hard to come by. If that’s the case for you, please take gentle care and do what brings you pleasure, even if momentarily. For me, this will mean simple things like enjoying the summer sun (when we see it!) and walking barefoot on the grass in my back yard.

Very best,
Catherine x


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